Organizational Development and Stakeholder Engagement

Economic and community development is the ultimate team sport – and successful outcomes require strong and well-funded local organizations with the capacity to execute complex initiatives over time. Success also requires communication and coordination between diverse organizations and stakeholder groups. We can help assess and grow the capacity of quasi-public and not-for-profit organizations to drive economic development strategies from inception to implementation. CED-Solutions will help you build, fund and manage a more efficient and effective economic development organization. Additionally, we manage stakeholder engagement processes in order to accomplish your strategic priorities.

We can provide guidance on creating new governance entities, developing alternative funding strategies and mechanisms, forging new partnerships and focusing the responsibilities of existing organizations to more effectively support economic and community development.

Areas of Focus:

  • Organization Strategic Plan Development
  • Development of EDA compliant Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies
  • Organizational and CEO Management Services
  • Organization and Project Funding
  • Development of Legislative and Public Policy Strategies
  • Stakeholder and Community Engagement
  • Best Practices Development and Implementation

Featured Work:

  • Creation of Regional Economic Development Partnership
  • Development and Operation of Port Authority Reinvestment Fund
  • Creation and Management of $100+ Million New Market Tax Credit Program