Buzz Westfall Plaza
on the Boulevard

Jennings, Mo.

The inner ring, suburban city of Jennings located in St. Louis County was home to one of the area’s earliest shopping malls, which served the entire St. Louis region for decades. Following the advent of enclosed malls, the 64-acre Northland Center became obsolete and increasingly vacant. A large department store, which had been closed and boarded up for over a decade, was flanked by mostly unoccupied, small retail shops.

In order to address market and consumer needs, the site needed to levelled and completely re-built to accommodate current retail requirements. CED-Solutions leaders successfully negotiated with the corporate owners to donate the department store and adjacent parking lots and acquired the remaining parcels from four other owners.

Working with the municipal leadership and a private developer, the site was transformed into a profitable, 372,098 sf retail center. The property is anchored by a State of Missouri office building and boasts a Target, a Schnucks Market and an Aldis grocery store and has spurred redevelopment projects on adjacent properties.