Located in the City of St. Louis and St. Louis County, the eighty-acre former National Lead Industries manufacturing site had been owned by the Port Authority of St. Louis County for more than 20 years. For decades, efforts were made to redevelop the manufacturing facility to revitalize the property and create employment opportunities for the residents in the area. The efforts proved unsuccessful primarily because of the site’s significant environmental contamination, its location in a flood-plain and the lack of adequate site access.

river city entertainment complex development

Working with community organizations, both jurisdictions and residents in the area, a plan was developed to identify a casino operator to reclaim the site and return it to productive use. Pinnacle Entertainment was selected to construct an entertainment and hotel complex. To gain approval from the Missouri Gaming Commission, approvals from 49 public entities had to be secured within an 18-month timeframe, along with federal approval to acquire a decommissioned U.S. Air Force property that was necessary for the development to move forward.

CED-Solutions principals gained all of the necessary approvals and acquisition rights within the externally imposed timeline, along with $16 million in state brownfield remediation tax credits and approval from FEMA and the U.S. Corp of Engineers to construct a new road over properties with FEMA deed restrictions.

The project resulted in the construction of a $482 million entertainment and hotel complex and the construction of a $23 million road, which created new access to the community. Additionally, Pinnacle Entertainment agreed to expand their commitment to Lemay beyond the National Lead site, contributing $5 million for a new aquatic/community center along with $100,000 for new ball fields.

river city entertainment complex