Small Business Incubator Network
St. Louis, Missouri

Small businesses are critical to a strong and healthy economy. Fostering their success is a key element of the economic development playbook. CED-Solutions principals have been responsible for the development and operation of a regional incubator system that serves entrepreneurs across the St. Louis area. The five geographically diverse locations represent strategic decisions to locate these economic engines in areas with potential for growth and to spur additional investment while serving a broad range of entrepreneurs.  The incubator network offers early stage companies from main street businesses to high tech start-ups the business development support and resources they need to grow. The network includes STL-VentureWorks facilities located in Lemay and Wellston, Missouri that are described below.

STL-VentureWorks Lemay was developed following the 1993 flood in Missouri. Located in an inner ring suburban community that had experienced decline, disinvestment and job loss following closure of manufacturing and industrial facilities, STL-VentureWorks Lemay was launched in 2000 to promote small business growth in the Lemay community. Focusing on returning abandoned property to productive use, CED-Solutions leadership assembled the funding and was responsible for site remediation as well as design and construction of the incubator. With office, warehouse and retail space, STL-VentureWorks Lemay has been a community asset for over 15 years, providing entrepreneurs with the opportunity to grow and thrive.

STLVentureWorks–Wellston (pictured)
STL-VentureWorks Wellston is a key part of a comprehensive redevelopment effort within the inner-ring suburban community of Wellston. Similar to Lemay, Wellston suffered years of decline resulting from the loss of manufacturing operations which left a legacy of joblessness, disinvestment and contaminated, abandoned properties. Again, CED-Solutions principals were responsible for securing funding and acquiring and remediating the incubator property along with the design and construction of the facility. The incubator is located next to a transit stop and along bus lines making it easily accessible to entrepreneurs and their employees. It offers office and warehouse space.