Former Leaders of St. Louis Economic Development Partnership launch private economic development consulting firm

Jacqueline Davis-Wellington, former EVP and COO of the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership (the “Partnership”), is the co-founder and managing partner of Community and Economic Development Solutions, LLC, a new economic development and real estate consulting firm to be based in St. Louis. Ms. Wellington is joined by co-founders Dennis G. Coleman, former CEO of the Partnership, Andrew C. Ruben, former General Counsel and SVP of Real Estate for the Partnership, and Beth Noonan, former VP of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for the Partnership.

The new firm will provide high-level economic development and real estate consulting, organizational support and project management services to a wide range of governmental, quasi-governmental, nonprofit and for-profit sector clients. “We are excited to offer our 100+ years of proven expertise and results at the forefront of the economic development field to organizations in St. Louis and across the Country,” Wellington said. Denny Coleman concurred, adding that, “this is simply one of the most talented, experienced and successful economic development teams that I have seen anywhere in my more than 40-year career in economic development. Many of the St Louis Region’s most important and visionary projects, such as River City Casino/National Lead Site Redevelopment, NorthPark, the Helix Center Biotech Incubator, Wellston Redevelopment, and ultimately the creation of the Partnership, were done by this team.”

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