Real Estate Strategy and Implementation

The presence of non-productive real estate assets negatively affects the livability of communities and their development potential, depriving the community and its residents of economic resources to support community services. At the same time, real estate development and revitalization strategies must be based on the market and economic realities affecting the community, consumers and developers. CED-Solutions will work with you to identify potential opportunities for redevelopment and formulate plans to maximize the economic and community potential of vacant or under-utilized properties.

When it comes time to make your revitalization project a reality, CED-Solutions has hands-on experience over-seeing pre-development activities (land assemblage, demolition and environmental remediation) as well as design and construction along with identifying funding mechanisms needed to move the project forward.



Areas of Focus:

  • Brownfield Redevelopment
  • Underutilized Real Estate
  • Industrial Park Development
  • Downtown Revitalization and Development
  • Public Infrastructure Funding
  • Transformational Project Development

Featured Work:

  • Wellston, Missouri – Develop and implement comprehensive redevelopment plan┬áin partnership with┬áinner ring suburban community
  • Northland Shopping Center – Planning & pre-development for retail redevelopment of former mall
  • Lemay Master Plan & projects
  • River City Casino – Planning & pre-development for gaming & entertainment complex